What we Offer

We are specialized in developing apps based on the trend known as "uberization" that directly connects consumers and suppliers so you can begin your Startup business in your desired style, at any field of service or product line. We have a fully parameterized technological platform where you, the customer, are able to quickly and easily customize your app. With our technology鈥檚 support, we briefly deliver your app and publish it on the Apple Store and/or Google Play. Our portfolio brings together all industry acknowledgement, with packages tailored to your needs, including logo, landing page, lead capture, digital marketing, corporate video, cloud servers, support, customization, internationalization, your own payment gateway ( including split function and all security requirements ), e-mails, SMS and push sending servers. Our automated and lowcost production line is everything you need to make your app and/or startup a success! Packages starting from U$ 2.500,00 (installment payments accepted) and guaranteed delivery within 30 days or your money back.

Who we Are

Based in the Silicon Island of Brazil, Florian贸polis, Hugheir has an unique combo for anyone that wants to build an app or create your own start up. After several years of experience, hugheir got the knowledge and the way to give you all in one. Our plataform is ready, the client needs only to customize it, and tell us the product or service that wants to provide. That is why we offer good prices, plus you can choose if you want more of what we offer. In a few days your startup or app is ready to launch.


Our vision is being disruptive Always. Make economy grow in the entire world with the share economy. Show that any people can ear money, does not matter the age, the gender ... With other people next to you using the tecnology.


Soon many Jobs will disappear, unfortunately most of the people do not know that yet. Hugheir Innovations will help people earn Money using our apps with the share economy.